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(goofy picture... me hates.)

Santa Monica... holy freaking crap... that has got to be a screamingly hard news story to deal with locally. My heart aches for the people there. (Crazy driver and a farmers market... terrible). - just say'en.

It's a sunny and crazy beautiful day out there... but it's a day of wolf in sheeps clothing. There are thunderstorms on the sched for the afternoon, not that the sunshine that's out there now knows anything about it.

I've moved into a new office for a few months while I'm on this project... and it's seriously boring decore... I need to remember to bring in some posters tomorrow... No window (sniff) and until the posters come along ...the cam is a very boring me or a black baffle wall... wohoo...

~ green ftls
~ beige dockers
~ red golf shirt (point zero)
~ back at work after a few days away... and it's a crazy schedule of meetings.
~ fighting with ms project again... gah...
~ actual geeky stuff in the afternoon.
~ write something about bb4 at lunch...
~ watch The Amazing Race tonight... they are really getting down to the wire on that show...
~ for a continued healthy recovery for nbbmom's grandfather. big smile sugar-shack. I'm glad that went well.
~ and just sneaking my hand over to myriad_emotions... wanted to hold on to her for a minute.
~ that my sweet friend chrissmari didn't have to say "ouch"....
~ to shoot a big serious "go you" over to cherripop212 and I hope you keep posting about that... I'm curious to know how it goes.
~ and um... er... well, happy radon mitigation day to ladyfire um... what?
~ that my little liquid girl in TO (lesslyn) makes it through the day with a smile... and can hold onto her goal.
~ well, just to smile lover at paperdoil because she said "eyecons" and made it make sense. :D
~ for the world to work it's wonders and let the life and times of dear katie8471 be a world of kids someday soon.
~ to send a VH5 over to damny. It's an official you go girl moment no matter how goofy that sounds. And sugar... stick to your guns ... you are as right as rain!

Ok I've a world of work to catch up on... I know I've been much absent lately. That's life. Be well my friends... you are good people and my world is much improved by touching the edges of your lives. I wouldn't have it any other way. See you soon.
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