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Morning. :D

You guys are killing me... :D big big smile

It's all rainy and kinda cold today... I guess not a great day for the last day of the kiddies day camp, but they have had absolutely glorious weather all week so ... no complaints. They're both jazzed about something to do with cotton candy at camp today?? whatever... they're all excited and that's what counts. Ed is feeling a bit better but he's not 100% ... daddy is up around 60%.

The children had a moment in the sun yesterday as they stood with a few other kids in a local television studio and were interviewed about the day camp they're attending. Of course, the vcr was rolling... I have to run it into the dv camera and onto the pc to show you... it's cute like all get out.

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans... and er... [ :: week 19 of friday's other picture... :D :: ]
~ long sleeve dk blue txt shirt... with the orange stripe. er... you know I got this shirt about the same time as I started using a web cam... hmm just sorta remembered that.
~ a really goofy big ol'smile ... because I have such sweet friends.
~ ok... yesterday was move day... as well as "crawl home and faint" day... so ... today is now move day.
~ packing half my office stuff up and zooming to another floor... alas ... 2-3 months without a window seat... (a bit sad about that).
~ fix the uber project plan
~ write a little something about The Amazing Race
~ count my blessings.... there are so many.
~ you could see my face... watched when I scrolled my friends pages after sitting down with my coffee at work. damn...
~ I had the live feeds from bb4... hahaha... man, they are looking like a group ripe for having serious disfunction... and whats more fun to watch than that.
~ (secretly praying that they - the bb4 gang - don't fall into that sick "lets all get along and be nice" thing... dude... that is so not what anybody is watching for.)
~ that I get some time at some point to actually read a little of what ups with you guys today. ;)

I was listening to the news on the way to work... there's been these sexual assaults in the city in the last few days and, while minor incidents... they're certainly cause for concern... but that is beside the point... the real point is the news cast. The description of the assailant... "White male, between 26 - 40, 160 lbs, blah blah blah... " Ok... cool... Now when some black guy hacks up a family in a rooming house downtown... or an asian woman drives her car through a school yard picking off kids... they say "a Non-White ... blah blah blah..." What is wrong with the world where it stops being correct to accurately describe someone if they're not white? Calling a black man black or an asian man asian is not racist... screw that.

Oh... and while I'm going off on stuff... I laugh a good laugh at that commercial for I don't know what where this business suit dressed woman is having coffee with a younger, good looking man and her friends notice through the window and come in to say hi and get a better look at the pretty boy... he comments that he's "late for class", gives her a smoochy "thanks for last night" kinda kiss, and gets on his bicycle to ride away. The girls all look jealous and the commentary includes "some things you justify... some things you don't." Now tell me... if that was a 40 year old man and a twenty year old girl... well, you know the message would be chewed up in an entirely different way.

alrighti then... enough of those vibes... today is looking good... rain or no rain... cold arctic freaking wind or no cold artic wind... today will officially be fantastic.
I hope you all have a great friday. :)
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