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The Supremes from The Amazing Race... the "wives of professional athletes", were interviewed on the radio this morning as I drove to work... They were tossed off the show last week. To quote them, "We feel that all people are equal... regardless of race or income."... Yeah,... just a little more equal when yer the wives of professional athletes. sheesh... good riddance.

~ red ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ odd colour, pale blue sorta (or is that pail) long sleeve Kcole shirt
~ remember I mentioned having to move my office on Monday... didn't happen... eh... it happens today.
~ writing a crap load of stuff about the projects...
~ get the ball rolling on a few arguments in the office.
~ downtown for lunch... I think... better... 'cause I didn't bring lunch.
~ writing a bb4 update... :D
~ watch Amazing Race tonight...
~ that my little Edward feels better today... he's such a little tiny person... and a real stoic..."I'm fine... I wanna go to camp..."
~ that rising_ophelia has a good night tomorrow... and good luck for your Jameson...
~ a world filled with wishes for one of the very sweetest women I have ever met on lj ... serraph... just 'cause.
~ and a big Go You to sugarvaulter. Take No Prisoners sugar-v ... and don't take any crap either
~ my heart is a wee bit heavy today... and I know it's goofy and corny... but it's the empath in me taking over and wishing with all of my heart for the world that spins around dear ladyfire to slow down enough to let some kind of peace... some kind of precious strength to rise up within you sweet lisa. The song I am listening to... it is making me think of you.

may the strength of your heart,
as you are carried towards tomorrow,
find the prospect of that day
and the days that line up ahead of it
an enterprise worth your effort
and reward you with a love
a love born within you
and that you may find a place
where it feels well invested.

... ok... time to pack.

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