Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

wow... holy busy batman...

Holy busy me today... yikes... no time to think...

~ black/gray stripe-ee ftls
~ light cream p-z cargos
~ blue golf shirt...
~ a very crazy ass busy day...
~ meetings first thing today...
~ another in 10 minutes... a project team meet...
~ write a little about bb4 at lunch...
~ some serious deal with my boss... not sure that that's about ... but it's a scheduled meeting...
~ more OpenView OVO install and config stuff in the lab
~ just wishing some warm stuff for alcestis and hopes for good news next week...
~ that paperdoil doesn't run into any pirates today... she might hurt them....
~ to heartily agree with reens Franklin is a whiney little screw... but takes a back seat to the uber evil little crum Caiou (or however you spell that) Terrible behaviour models in those shows.
~ to remind atariprincess that when faced with the option... chose to go back to bed...!! :D
~ that people would leave off giving webkin a hassel ... any hassel about photochallenge... that is a huge HUGE initiative on her part and any shit slung at her should be met with serious reprisals from the rest of the community in support of her. Do you have any idea how much work is involved on her part to run that community??? Three cheers for webkin !!!!
~ to shoot some warm vibes to pixiecup... just 'cause..
~ and a big gian "Good Luck" to nordicgrrl today
~ a quick word to amyaustin... the collic will pass... and the world will return to a new normal that you will love with every breath you take... it will... and I'm sorry it's hard sugar.
~ ug... plenty of thoughts and warm vibes over to snwbrdette ... You are a wonderful woman and I hope the story you're living writes a calmer page soon. You are very much in my thoughts today.

Hey finally ... a "congratulations" over to ectv... She joined Team Time Bomb a little while ago... and I'm so very much looking forward to tracking her pregnancy here... :D (grin) :D :D

I know I'm way way behind on birthdays... I'll try to get there guys... :D

And??? I gotta fly... busy boy time.

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