Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I have recieved an email in Hotmail from "Nancy Owen <>"
with an attachment named : tegan.cpt.exe (a 96k attachment)

The body of the message is well tuned to look like it's from a Journal Friend.

The return address is not real and the attachment looks like a virus... DO NOT OPEN THAT ATTACHMENT.

The email reads as follows: (I added the italics)

I thought about it a month ago or so, but I have two lovely
people I care
for dearly that post that way as they don't have a journal. I
would hate to
miss them, if it weren't for those two I would do away with it
completely. I
have too many anons that I have no IDEA who they are. One is the
one who
knew Dallas by name on this entry.

I agree, he is proving my point. God, don't you wish ignorance
could be
banished? He gets so damn upset when people treat otP

[ :: here is an image of the hotmail screen :: ]

Now, if you're nancy owen and I'm over reacting to a weird attachment... let me know.
Until then... you don't exist. :D
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