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!!Happy ID to all you children of the Stars and Stripes.!!

I'm a goof... big freak'en surprise...
I had to *gasp* run kazaa lite at work to grab this song...
It's been in my head and making me farking mental for days. I know, I know...
I'll load up Jim Morrison later... for now, I need to od on this one for a bit.
And it has nothing to do with Bounce Beyonce jiggle'en her bum in the video...
well... ok a bit.

~ blue ftls... (hahaha... I'm enjoying all this not saying gray or black shit)
~ blue jeans friday yo! [ :: week 18 of the consecutive cheeseball friday picture :: ]
~ THE MAN! Strooooongbad T-Shirt...
~ and a short sleeve blue two tone thing with a colar... :D
~ start my day with a project meeting... (hence... er.. .well it's like almost 11:00)
~ a lot more project crap...
~ installing some HP OV stuff... if I can pry the media from the death like grip of someone downstairs.
~ tonight... man... I dunno, but I hope I'm not as tired as I was last night.
~ that my bud across the ocean, (knightsdawn) finds a good man next time he looks in the mirror.
~ to point out that indianasweetie eats McD's chicken nuggets cold... personally... I'm speechless... I have to take you off my friends list now*...
~ for a good and peaceful wind to blow across the bow of the "ship of change" that sweet sweet princessblondie is sailing on this weekend.
~ I understood ... I mean, what is it about people and their comments in communities... it's like, because it's a community they've some kind of license to be a shithead. I swear, nothing paints a person like a cliché "punk" than slinging ill-considered crap.
~ to squeeze me some Nic. galebird put this link up this morning... it's a sorta stress test... :D [ :: click me to go to the stress test! :: ]

// rant on
~ Vancouver won the bid to host the 2010 winter olypics. Ok, forget the unbelievable corruption that long ago consumed the IOC (and it will never recover)... no, forget that. While I cannot dispute the social benefit of nationalism and national pride... let alone the benefit of sport in general... this is just fucking pathetic. When a city in Canada decides to build a ball park... it's a municiple taxes issue... and private funding. When it's the olympics... dude.. you better believe it's a Federal issue. Several Billion Dollars will go into building up all the shit for the Vancouver Olympics... and that means I'm paying. Meanwhile school teachers remain underpaid and schools underfunded... my kids will go to several grades in pathetic "portable" classrooms. Gah! It's like the dad that comes home with a big new fancy television to a home where there isn't enough food in the cupboards to feed the kids a proper meal. Get yer freaking priorities straight.
// rant off

* j/k... sheesh angie... I could never... :D
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