Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Today is a wrap!

but tomorrow will be a 'warp and slap' day for sure... back to Alcatel (and no lj access ~snif)

Hmmm... good day today.
* I managed to get something accomplished at work,
* got a major ego boost from an lj friend,
* saw a small miracle be revealed (yeah moo and the little man!),
* saw a truly remarkable example of how far it may be possible to legally go to totally head-fuck fellow human beings (Temptation Island),
* watched my fav tv show (west wing)
* and now I'm doing a quick read of the lj friend zone.

Now if only I could magically make Miss A. Licious's computer work properly!

Hmmm the woman of many mysteries has struck again! (Hi Kym!)

and last thing! great big congratulations to Happypage (new friend !!) (thanksKym) on the ultrasound find... a wee bit of a girl she is!

Hey, Maura! I'm so happy for that news about the dudes ear ... I am pray'en big time for your dreams to come true. Your's is an amazing story and it fills me with wonder and hope!

Nighti night.
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