Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

mmk... next stop... fireworks with the boys.
A heady time... Edward dislikes very loud noises but cannot possibly pass up a chance to see things explode.
Geo? Big giant explosions with huge noises... a happy little man.

Finding Nemo... bwaahahahaha... that was great.

I loved the sea gulls... and, I swear, I thought they were saying "Mike"... so much so that I was looking forward to finding out what the inside joke was about "mike"... As I explaine this to Z in the car... she and the boys all looked at me like I had a moldy tomatoe for a head... Now I see that they were saying "Mine... mine mine mine mine mine". Oh well... I was having fun with thinking they were saying Mike. :D

Ok... see ya in a while. :)

(oh and great big Ug... tomorrow... back to work.)
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