Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morning Lj...

Hello Lj... lovely morning!! ...
I wake up at 6:35 am...
George habitually sneaks into our bed ("I like to cuddle up to something thats alive daddy.") around 4:00 am almost all the time. Ok, back to 6:35... I hear a little moaning from Geo beside me...

"daddy, I need a drink of water..."
"Yea, ok, you know where the bathroom is and where the cups are.."
"Ok, I'll go get you some water... "

(off I go, and I get back and give him a little dixi cup of water...)

We all snuggle back into bed...
10, 9., 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, .....

"... DADDY!"
RRRRRAAALLLLLPPHHHHHHHH!!!!!! splat. *(yuck!, no seriously, yuck!!)

Zebra is still really sick - coughing her head off - and now Geo is puking his guts out... and baby, daddy has got to go to work. She knows how important it is that I go nuts in my lab today...

Any ways, Geo will be better by tomorrow. Hopefully, Z will be better soon too.

ps. I just know that 'temptation island' is going to be a bomb... it's got to suck - the whole premise just blows. But, just for sake of argument, what if it's a really interesting exploration of the values underlying relationships... Naww... it can't be. This is like knowing there's a car wreck around the corner and telling yourself you're not going to look.... not going to look, not going to... not going ... not ... hey, look at that... yuck, geez I shouldn't have looked.

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