Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


(big yawn... big stretch... hard to have bed head when they're all like 1/2 inch long... :D)

Morning. :D

~ wake up sweats and a bright orange t.
~ nothing... well, something... I just don't know what it is yet... The "yard" (drat you time sucking thing) will no doubt play some part in my day. :D
~ more multiples... (er... pictures yo... get yer mind outta there... although... hmmm)
~ nails... must "do" nails... I click when I type.
~ want to install and configure and figure out how to use that gallery software that is all popular ass now... kitiara users it... so does kitykity... I need it, I think, for my moms web site... which needs to be a finished thing asap.
~ that I hadn't rented and watched "Sweet Home Alabama" last night... gag. sorry, it was cute and all... but yeah... gag.

So we had twelve ... actually, neice didn't show... so eleven people over for a birthday dinner last night. Yesterday was all about being busy.
Out new patio table arrived and man it is seriously sweet.... big BIG and steady. (cast iron, last for a lifetime sorta deal) We (z) had a set of 60 year old cast iron chairs that we have painted and repainted professionally "dipped" or whatever and they now have a black "powder coat" on them to match the new table. :D I cooked 15 cobs of corn on the bbq along with 7 full racks of pork back ribs... The meal included all the fixens and we totally stuffed the guests. :D Eight adults at the new table and 3 kids at the old... beside us. It was a grand out-door meal.

Dig it... [ :: this is my mum :: ] This was her 70th birthday. Does she look great or what?
My SSIL (sorta sis in law) made this outstanding cake...
(click it for a larger pic with my mom and sis blowing out the candles)

(oh, and they're at the new table on the back deck...)
[ :: a family picture of everybody not looking at the camera... except my bro :: ]
After the big dinner... we all packed ourselves together and went to see "From Justin to Kelly". ok ok ok... we didn't really... sheesh... ack. Seriously though... would anyone actually go to that movie? I don't understand... I cannot comprehend? gah!
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