Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

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yeah... I'm a MS Project FREAK!!!!

Geek moment;
Leveling resources on a project with several hundred tasks
linked by complicated start-start and finish-start predecessors
and lag days is like doing heroin while skydiving...
you know, fucking crazy.

I finally saw the mitsubishi (sp?) car commercial with this song... nice song to be cranken.

Amazing Race... later tonight. :D way way to busy today.

Today is totally over from the worker bee perspective...
next? the insanity that is also know as "making ready for company..."
(quick .. .kill me now).

See ya tonight... :D

oh and;

pookfreak... I hope things are ok ... after the scan today... take care sugar.
chrissmari... sugar? I hope things are ok after that doc visit...
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