Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

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yeah... ok... consumption so far today?

5 coffees...
handfull of crack
quaker granola dip (caramel)
Kit Kat Chunky Max
about 10 ritz crackers...

yeah... didn't pack a lunch and have had about ZERO time to hunt for food.
So basically my desk has a ritz, granola and crack supply.

oh, and two things
~ nice soft new cotton golf shirts that are too fucking long are a major pain in the ass to tuck in.
~ fitted boxer briefs are da bomb... but when the leg bits lose their grip... geezus.

okidoki.. back to work.

um... what is "spinning" as an exercise regime? I see this referenced and... stupidly, I have the mental picture of an aerobics class like situation with a bunch of women twirling around till they puke.
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