Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Well today went pretty great... These people that I'm working with are all nice high end geeks in casual clothes... my kinda peeps for clients. Their boss, the dude I have to deal with on the contract is someone I've known for years (but only through a User Group). If I play my cards right I can see maybe a twenty day contract in the making here... I have to be billable for 60% of the year, so business development is important - seeing as the idiot sales staff couldent sell heroin on the streets of Glasgow (total nimrods - with a few exceptions).

When the day was all done and I was home chill'en it hit me, just how psyched I was about today... I get really primed up - I'm thinking it's a defense mech that kicks in when I'm less than totally confident in my knowledge of the subject at hand. But I have tomorrow in my lab at the office and I will be a god with this shit before I sleep tomorrow... then back to Alcatel on Thursday.

Oh, you know that Kellogs Special K cerial commercial - black and white job - with the dude putt'en on the suntan lotion..."Hon? Will ya do my back?" *snap* :) geez I love that...

Ok the universe is oddly out of line right now... so I'm off.

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