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:D Morning...

HOT HOT HOT...well ... outside and here, by the window that is... It's a sunny total summer day here in Ottawa.

Zero computer time last night... big nuthin... and basically the night was far from stellar in the main.
The high point was reading to George (We're reading the fourth Harry Potter Book) and when
Mad-Eye Moody turned Draco into a white ferret and bounced him around...
I thought George and I were both going to die laughing...
I did spend some time jabbing myself with a needle...
sewing another patch on my over patched jeans...

I've been battling a cluster of stress headaches or some shit that's just eating up my neck (blech)
Thankfully their well addressed by Advil... however, that means way too much advil in my world.

The boys have these gorgeous hair cuts... cute cute cute cute... I'll get pictures... :D

~ black ftls
~ cream p-z jeans...cargos... jeans... cargo-like-jeans... :D
~ long sleeve (gasp, poster boy time) p-z shirt...
~ zooooom into a bunch more ms project stuff this morning...
~ lunch with a bunch of co-workers at a local Lone Star (tex-mex food)
~ an afternoon of selling the project plans...
~ an evening of "Y Mama..." because we still haven't watched it...
~ that my sweet friend amyaustin is doing well...her little baby is almost here...
~ to remind imprincessapril that it's never really a good idea to cut your own hair...
~ to send some warm vibes to a long time journal friend... amyliscious and hopes for her gramps to do better...
~ for a little pain relief to find my buddy mandelion
~ that my uber-friend chrissmari does, in fact, not rant about me...
~ for many clicks, or just the right click to click in the world of my sweet friend crushdmb
~ and for love... all kinds of well deserved, sweet love... to find it's way into the heart and life of rising_ophelia (and it will...)

um... a couple of things... and if this stuff makes you shake your head in wide wonder at how big a freak that corto yop is... well power to ya... But I'll continue to have my fun. :D

~ The [ :: November 5, 2002 lip post has had a few additions :: ] ... and I'm always looking for more.
The current [ ::ani-gif can be seen here :: ]and personally, I think it rawks out huge.

~ Two weeks ago I asked about ankle pics... you know, underroos at the ankles... [ :: Check the thread... :: ] they're so damn cute. BUT I WANT MORE. hmmmm?

(pssst. Tomorrow is ly's birthday... just say'en)
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