Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok, so I've decided to start using the "subject" line. I really haven't in the past (at least not much) simply by habit... but I tend to print out the days postings to my friends page to read on my commute home and I'm noticing that it can be hard to see when one message ends and the next starts (yea yea the comment line but the subject line is way easy) So subject lines it is.

I'm just doing bath's for the boiz... Poor lil'Z is way sick in bed - big cough big sore throat - poor zebra - she needs to get better so badly. She will... prol'y take a couple more days and she'll be right as rain. In the mean time, it's "corto home from work? zebra to bed!"

So after I read up on my friends I think it'll be time for another shot at Hiaku.

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