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Morning... :D
Man... it's just a big freaking bag of Sixes outside... the sun is shining... the traffic was light... and my ears are happy. Oh... and having just put a good 15 minute review of the freind zone under my eyeballs... get yer mind above ground yo... I'm happy all over.

They were talking, on CBC Radio 1's The Current, to a bunch of middle east specialists... professors in Isreal, and a bunch of other hair buns that wanted to pick fights with each other while trying to look like they were just spreading butter on everyones ass cheeks. It occured to me, while listening, that a contrast between the factions in the Middle East and the factions in Ireland are not really all that different... in the nature of their whining that its... The only really big difference is that I get turned on listening to an Irish woman speak. Maybe they'll want to assemble some Irish applogists to spread some butter on that show.

~ black ftls
~ new darker beige dockers
~ hunter green shirt (kinda likea monday uniform)
~ a smile from here to... here...
~ more dicking around with dev server windows2000 boxes... no fucking idea what I'm doing with those but I'll muddle through... gimmi a unix box anyfreakingdayoftheweekfuck.
~ listen to two weeks worth of gardengnomeNikki-Sticky-Garden-Yummi doing her wave station X zone...
~ hard core double dive into more project plan files...
~ eat a really juicy squishy delicious ... orange at lunch.
~ try and watch "y mama..." tonight... didn't get to it last night.
~ see that man about the damn horse... sheesh.
~ that my friend lilspot82 finds a little peace in her zone...
~ that I had me an ab-abber 2000... because, well, I want 'em to be all up ons. word.
~ that my friend... my dear friend... kimberly27616The-Kept-Woman has a SAS'sy good day... :D
~ to send a little shout out to a new friend ... webkin... It's nice to have another friend from so far away... a little Bath never hurt anyone... hmmm. (geez, bet ya never hear that... :D lol)
~ that Mr. Newton... er... gravity... makes it through the week... and finds all his "learning" neurons firing in the proper order.
~ oh, and that lil'miss sugar-trip, trying, gets some good news this week.

Ok... I'd love to stop and chit chat some more... but ... I ... must ... stay ... employed...

(turns with an evil evil stair towards a terminal server window on the dreaded Windows2000 universe of goofyness...)
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