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Some quick bedtime toughts...

My friend junebugg found me a Bewitched shirt on-line. I ordered it and it'll be here on Wednesday. Z is gonna love this! Thanks so much for that and by the way I'm glad you got the carpet thing worked out (and ps. you can't rushes bosses giving out money - bad karma. It'll get there and I hope it turns out to be worth the wait!)

My other friend Liz (Miss A. Licious) is in danger of having her head explode. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, but too many more philosophy classes and all bets are off.

I was concerned about where the heck my pal bourbonstreet was 'till I remembered that she went to on a family 'christmas after christmas' thingy. She'll be back tomorrow, I believe.

Seems I'm always worrying about somebody... today it's my pal Tala. I hope you're smiling and, hey, isn't this the big week? good luck on Wednesday.

I'm also hoping that Starla has a safe trip on Wednesday... and that you are able to look back on the choice to move as the best possible way to start a new century!!!

oh, and Lesslyn! do you rawk lately or what!!!

(leah, I'm glad your back on line... you had me worried that you'd never get to try that code!)

G'night lj.

ps. I know how lucky I am. you guys are awesome.

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