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One of my friends posted some stuff about a girl he knows that's a perfect 10... I am totally reminded of the movie "10". This was the BETAMAX tape that was included with the VCR when my dad brought home our first vcr. Ok, not a word of a lie, I must have watched this movie 80 - 100 times... This was forever ago and this was a MOVIE ON DEMAND... I mean, nobody had a vcr yet. Geez, Radio Shack TRS80's were the hottest computer on the market... It got to a point - in fact (lol) if I see the movie now I can still turn the sound down and do the entire dialog of the movie, every off screen voice, every mumbled line... my buds and I would watch it late at night with the sound down so as not to alert my folks that we were up... (we'd be stoned of course) so we'd turn down the sound and ended up saying all the words out loud anyway and laughing our heads off - eventually earning a sleepy eyed visit from my mom.

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