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BB Update
Live - Feeds are monitoring the droning on of the dance challenge - arguably the most boring event ever captured by a camera... a solid hour of an internet cam focused on a rusty fire hydrant would be exciting by comparison. To the credit of the live-feed play-by-play message board post'ers, there has been much discussion between the HGs while a'dancing. Key Points: I was sure that the Brat (aka TMD) and Josh (unbelievably unlucky) were going to *gasp* start necking ... they have the night shift on the gotta-dance-for-a-week deal. Now that should be a clue to a BB (aka Dr. Evil) motive on this challenge; in keeping with Dr. Evil's other efforts to head-fuck the bunch of 'em, the HGs have had to polarize into dancing shifts, so as Jamie (aka Micheal Jackson) and Curtis danced away the afternoon, they note that "we haven't seen Unlucky or TMD for two days. So the little dance shift teams are spending all their lead-up-to-nomination time interacting with sub groups only... is Dr. Evil trying to manipulate the votes - Of course! Last point on that issue: After being up all night dancing, TMD and Unlucky go to bed... and 35 minutes later Dr. Evil calls for an all dance - every house guest must immediately (they have like 30 seconds) hit the parquet floor a-dancing. Micheal Jackson stops en route to put on lip gloss????? WTF? Point is that TMD and Unlucky had just got to into serious REM sleep. She (TMD) did look positively priceless dancing to that all dance.

So anyways, Unlucky and TMD spend all night very lonely on the dance floor (rules say they must be touching while dancing) AND Dr. Evil is playing sucky or suggestive slow tunes all night ... for a while there I was think'en the kiss was imminent but alas no such smooch. They did (do), however, regularly retire together to a single bed (not the "love" bed) and cuddle up to sleep. Man, this guys morning wood must be capable of driving rivets!!!!

Meanwhile, Curtis - that wild and crazy guitar playing Christian fundamentalist... (I'm probably overstating that but I can just see a normal conversation with Curtis ... "So, at band camp, ...") is so obviously knee deep in a crush on Micheal Jackson that he is going to miss something strategic soon and end up on Micheals hit list - but not before she (Micheal Jackson) disposes of Eddi.

George - He just cannot get the concept of 'limits' as in, taking the laughing at Josh over the "I'd do a guy before kissing one" quote so far that every house guest in on tape with an evil stare to Geo. The live feeds continue to show Geo needling Unlucky at every opportunity. When will unlucky crack and actually take a defensive position on anything...? stay tuned!

NOW that said, he (George) is still responsible for the most violent caught-off-guard-coke-out-the-nose laugh I've had yet from this show: Everyone ('cept the dancers) are in the LR talking about how unbelievably boring the dancing is and someone (Curtis?) comments that it'd be more exciting if Jordan (the exotic dancer that they tossed!?) were here. Meanwhile, George is slated to cut in on the current dancers so he's wearing his music feed ear-plug and in the background (somewhere towards the kitchen away from the LR) he's dancing up a storm - if I were his kid, I'd be proud of how cool dad looked at that moment. He's walking (dancing) up to the LR when the above noted comment is made and he off-the-cuff says "Yeah, we could through a pole up out there!" (reference - in case you live in a cave somewhere in the Andes - to a strippers dance pole) and while the room dissolves into screams of laughter he says "Did I just say that?" - now that line, "did I just say that" was delivered so honestly - like he really could not believe the thought had been translated into actual verbal - it just made me roar, absolutely roar with laughter. If Jordan was watching (and there is no chance in hell that she was not) she must have either fallen to the ground laughing or marked him for her own special type of 'banishment'.

Special BB note: someone on the live feed monitors recounted an almost missed snippet of dialogue between George and eddi in the bedroom (they were alone) where Geo is reviewing a calendar and noting something about September 14 to Ed. The bottom line there is that unless the audio was noted in error, George revealed an insidious - hidden - capacity for manipulative planning there (all in regards to nominations).

Speaking of the nominations... the HGs had not been told that the live show was postponed until Thursday (Survivor finally) and therefore the noms would also be delayed... they have all been in a panic 'bout that.
Survivor : The local media is really getting behind the whole survivor deal. We've had a radio station stage a "survivor island" event ($25K prize) and the CCE (the big-waste-of-time summer annual 2 week amusement park deal "Central Canadian Exhibition) has a big Survivor wanna-be deal as well.... The weekend paper dedicated like 6 full pages to the CBS Survivor finally and today's paper made if front page news... AND THESE idiots are thinking Rudy is going to win. There is no way!!! I mean I want kelly to win (least detestable of the four non-humans still on the island) but Rich or Sue might pull it off, but Rudy???? Come on! In order to make it through the first round tonight, you have to be able to answer questions about the other survivors... I don't think he even knows their names!
ok that's it for me for now... back to work.

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