Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Yes indeed... it's a Monday morning at the world starts fresh today.
Other than herculean volumes of work stress... life needs to use some fresh paint to get a new week off properly.

~ black ftls
~ new dark beige dockers... go 'head... spill something on them.
~ new dk green denver hayes shirt. Kinda doing a little casual office gq today. :D (feeling snappy)
~ to pump out a doc by lunch that translates into very little lj review time.
~ to put some real effort into having a good evening... something with a peaceful bedtime ritual with the boys and some good story time (we're reading book 4 from the Potter series)
~ that this document and the presentation today at 2:30 goes well... (this is a big deal today)
~ that tonight goes well... I need that.
~ for something wonderful to happen to dallandra...
~ that a sweet woman I've made friends with has some good news to share with me later.
~ for a better understanding of what the rules are concerning Norway...
~ and for a winning strategy on life to find it's way into the world of ladyfire.

I need a shoulder massage something fierce...
ok... see ya... I got a shit load of work to do.
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