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Good morning LJ. How'm I gonna top yesterday?
Lets start with a sand-hex update...
The width of a circular saw blade (circa 1961!!) is where errors start. Not owning a protractor is a nice next step in propogating errors. This nicely leads us to a unique kind of hexagon - one with a 22 inch space in it!!! Notice the space at the far end of the hex in this picture of the woody-bits laid out on the laneway afterl the sawdust settled. (thats my older boy in the shot).
I'm, of course, going to convince everyone that the space was part of the plan to allow one of those "Little Tykes" slides to fit through the bench.
I wonder what the burn rate of working days is that can be directly tied back to people posting and reading Live Journals? I'll bet it's awsome. On that note, I need to go and work a bit... Big Bro update is comming...

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