Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Yes... well g'night lj.

Another weekend packed away. :)

Have I mentioned that I love our new camera lately?

... cause I do...

... a lot ... :D

~ Now I know I didn't get into the fence story today... er...well I only just realized I had meant to... so that's on deck.

~ Edward, when he falls deeply asleep, still makes a little of the tiny pucker on his lips that he made as a baby...
To lay quietly beside him... inches from his little tiny face... and remember.
It's nice.

~ Special recipe for sore neck... open small bucket of double chocolate macademia nut cookie dough and get a loaded cookie sheet in the oven. Make and pour fresh mug of good dark coffee... add cream... eat six cookies... drink coffee. This, of course, does not help the sore neck at all... but... I mean, who cares.

Time for sleep... see you tomorrow.

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