Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

A giggle...

This has been dancing on my finger tips for at least a week...
I read something that reminded me of a story about an appearance
on the old Johnny Carson show, which is now, of course, The Tonight Show.
Well, actually it was the The Tonight Show then...
but people just called... oh never mind.

The point is.... wait. Um... by "reminded" I mean I read an article
that basically told the whole story so the suggestion of being reminded
needs to be literally associated... because I actually remember
this guest appearing on The Johnny Carson Show (er... the tonight show).

Older lady appears as guest in the "Interesting people" category.
She collects potato chips... not just any potato chips, but chips that are
flukishly shaped like famous people, monuments, etc...
Her bit includes pulling out a tray of these chips and showing them one
after another to the "zoom in" camera... you know, the one they show "headlines" with ...
The chips are not fixed to anything...
she's showing them to Johnny and the camera one after another
telling her hokey little stories that go along with each.

She has to look away for some reason...
Johnny sneaks a handful of potato chips from under his desk
As she turns back... he's stuffing them into his mouth.

Imagine the lawsuits today...
Of course, at the time, there was unending and tear streaked laughter.

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