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// rant time

Recently inspire by something...

Do you ever look at public policy (government stuff) and wonder why they don't just accept the fact that the end result is inescapable so why fight it?

For me the big thing lately is same sex marriages.

I understand that there are groups very much opposed to this... for whatever reasons.
There are also groups opposed to abortion, alcohol, pot, guns, war, taxes, medicare, black people, and girls in pants.

There's a group somewhere opposed to everything.

Groups or no groups... why is the issue of same sex marriages still not over.

Everybody knows that in the end, when everyone has had their chance to piss and whine... The courts and the governement will endorse the notion of same sex marriages and extend all the financial and legal benefits of typical male/female unions to them.

It's almost like a parable waiting to be coined. That's a same-sex-marriage issue ~ meaning something that we will watch governments spend as much talking about as they will ever spend simply endorsing...

Personal take on the issue: if you are against same sex marriages... then don't marry someone of the same sex. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stop ignoring that this is not about procration, sexuality or religion. It's about humanity and money. Just because you're not gay, do you think you have the right to tell gay couples they can't be in love... can't care for one another... screw you and the hormone you rode in on.

//ok rant over.
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