Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Racing... Amazing Style.

The Amazing Race

... and for the next how-ever-many weeks we're gonna be reminded that they're virgins every time they show those two...

The Good
~ Right here... Right now... I want the clowns to win. They were the best, and they have the attitude. Did you see bozo* balance the paper on his nose? How great was that...
and I get to call him bozo without it being an insult. (hahaha... the noses when they got to the end of last nights challenges.)

The Bad
~ You freaking whiny bitch... Me? Looking forward to that dude with the gold digging want'sta be his wife someday chick that bitches at him all the time getting tossed out of an airplane over the desert... BUT BUT WAIT... he's just as much of a sniveling groveling loser. What do you bet they edit those two into as much of the show as possible so we can hate them more than the NFL Wives.

The Pathetic
~ what the hell is it with gay men that they have to make their being gay the central issue in everything... You're gay... big farquing deal. You're both built like brick shit houses and we're going to have to listen to you talk like 80 lb nancy's for the whole series?

The Sad
~ Yo! Sistah! Salt n' freak'en Peppa are in da house and they be whipping poles. bwaahahahahaha... Life as wives of super-stah's has no doubt been an endless litany of getting what ever the hell you want so you'll not notice the hubb'ens dipping their crusts in the white meat gravy... you are soooo gonna have a hard time here. It's a game girls and until it's strategically valuable... don't be 'specten any favours from the white folk that surround you. I'm seeing that Brady Bunch Reunion Movie moment when they focused on the black vacationing family at the beach and the whiny little sister saying to her mom "Moesha Moesha Moesha! She gets everything she wants..."

The "oh my god"
~ 12 year relationship and their both virgins... Ok... clue it in there homeslice... The boy has got to twitch every time he hears the word leakage.... and her? If there is a god, she will arrange for these two to have a terrible fight and have her reveal that she's been banging his best buddy for years.

and the "My God is My Plastic Surgeon"
~ ahahahhaha... the two "model/friends" chicks... how very very stereotypical can you get.

Twelve Couples, in pre-existing relationships on a 40,000 mile race around the world... One team wins a million dollars.
I'm already hooked. They dynamics of the teams are great...
The "fat and fun" team lost last night... but we had them pegged for losing from the start. They were cannon fodder from the get go.

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