Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

i know... I talk to much... tough. :D

Hey!!! Hi... (insert joey voice) "How you do'en?"

It's a gray, rainy and yuck day... but I'm not much concerned with that.
Dead people don't sleep as well as I do (*when I actually go to bed, that is) and I feel
remarkably well rested today. :D Kinda gotta good vibe inside... I like that.

~ gray ftls
~ hunter green dress pants... tiny, hardly noticable shimmer to them
~ dk gray t and a two tone light sweater with a gray stripe that kinda hints at green
~ to try desperately to make my project boss happy with a deliverable today.
~ watch The Amazing Race tonight... nothing will stop that from happening... well... ok... a few things could but they're unlikely to happen.
~ to hold onto this good vibe and maybe carry it around on my sleeve for a bit. ;)
~ that I could race to Burbank and spend a weekend taking care of a remarkable woman I know who lives there...
~ to send out a shout out to breekola... because I'm feeling pretty damn lucky to know her and wanted to show off. :D
~ that sugarvaulter's surgery goes well today...
~ crushdmb get's her camera today and that it's all the fun she hopes for. And ps... you should meet frozenone... you and he have similar tastes... heck, you may even taste the same... but I'm not sure... :D
~ for rays of sunshine to fall across the world of kaylee... just 'cause.
~ to point out that psychomagnet is really a great journal and a very special woman. (not short bus special... more like *sigh* special)
~ that my friend jennfromtx has a great day... in fact, that she has a whole lotta great days.
~ and that my very precious friend dallandra feels a whole lot better soon.

Hey ... look it's birthday bonanza time... and I'm sorry I've let it fall so far behind. :D (a likely story, I know, I know...)

Way back on May 24... Happy Bithday jloopy I hope you find even more reasons to be thinking you're looped out this year. :D

And May 25...Happy Birthday Shery, movingforward a sweet woman... every so far away!!! May you find yourself in the company of friends and lovers as this year ticks past...

Also on May 25... Happy Birthday to the the very sweet and non-stop wonderful lindalee_ Be well sugar and have a year that turns ideas into memories and warms your heart with the process.

And one more May 25 girl... giabean Happy Birthday sugar... May enough kid free nights come your way to kindle many dreams and I hope the dreams become sparks that warm your heart.

May 26 Happy only-slightly-late Birthday Jody... imjustjody! You are a story of great achievement... and of this I have no doubt. May this next year give you peaceful comfort and wonderful memories.

Another from May 26 Happy Birthday Ginger... Do you know ginger_g? Sugar you are candy... and I hope that this next year finds you in the city enough to fill you with the memories of friends that will never stop caring about you and comfortable at home with the thoughts of just how precious your friends find you. :D

egad... May 26... a busy day! Happy Birthday indigojo I will figure out why that Ip is blocked btw... Happy late birthday sugar... You have been a very supportive and good friend for so long, I am truly sorry that I missed your big day... May this year bring you all the love and experiences your heart can hold... and I hope I continue to have the good fortune to be a part of that. :D

Ahh... today! Happy Birthday hextbyme You have a world of discovery at your doorstep sugar... and I hope that you have the all the opportunities you can handle to embrace the things that bring happiness to you.

And finally, Happy Birthday dwaggie Seems like half my friends list is from Austin... Dude... happy birthday... You are a patient man and I do very much hope that you have a year ahead that gives you the rewards you richly deserve for being a good man. May the world give up moments of true happiness for your enjoyment.

Alrighti then... I'm all caught up... now I really outta get some work done. :D

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas... and play nice... the cycle is turning and call me a freak all ya like but a week from now there will be goofy drama running around lj as there always is when the moon does it's neverending thing. So enjoy a wonderful weekend, capping off a short week... (yeah, I know it's thursday) and make strangers smile...
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