Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


yeah so... a long ass day is about to end with me in bed a decent hour... or does that mean "an hour that is sloping down"??

tonight was all about, well... the kids.
~ soccer the very moment I got home from work...
~ then nintendo snowboarding...
~ then baths and snacks and stories...
~ and finally bed.

finally had a bite to eat.
Watched 4 minutes of dog eat dog.
Plan on enjoying Amazing Race tomorrow night.

Hey... this is where I work... Does this place not look perfect for a matrix like explosion, rippling wave front... or a helicopter crash... or both?

... and soccer. :D

Click my little man George for the full view...

A boy with the team... and the ball.


mmk... night night lj.

pssst [ :: a porcupine that lives somewhere in our extended back yard :: ]
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