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wrapped and slapped... and just about done with it. :D

yeah... so LJ is running like ass again... I can't even load up the birthday page. bah!

Today has simply FLOWN past... I'm betting this week will just zzzzzing. :)

It's been rainy and icky in the extreme all day... and, of course, I'll be standing in the rain for an hour and half tonight while Geo has a soccer practice.
Joy Joy Happy Happy. :D

I suspect that I will be fixing by BIL's computer tonight... which could translate into my BILs family watching the kids tomorrow early evening... and maybe... just freaking maybe... Z and I going to the matrix finally. I give you permission to slap me around next time we get together if I don't see the Matrix this week... although... I'd prol'y get a kick out of the slapping around part so whatever works for ya.

Ok... enough about you... back to me! (LOL) I'm gonna go... close my computers... grab my coat and start driving through the splash zone.

ps. I love my new camera... Looking like I need to do a new ADIML ... :D

pps. simplyred?? sugar... you ok?

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