Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

and a short break from actual work.

Several Small Rants

you know...
i think if I was Natalie Maines, and wasn't too busy playing with myself...
hence had time to be on stage trying to give a performance...
and the audience was boo'ing me and insulting me and shit...
not letting go of that "insulting the president" crap...
I'd be really tempted to give the boo'ing audience a big ol finger and tell 'em to go to hell.
That dixie girl did squat compared to what all the other radically outspoken hollywood types have said, done, etc. regarding the choices of the pres let alone the war.
Yet people can't let go of the Natalie Maines thing.
She's made several well considered statements on the topic...
leave off already. sheesh.

why do religions still attract otherwise intelligent, educated people?
It's like a scientist espousing the belief in creationism... wtf?
I mean, forget the very good arguments about Unitarianism, and the strength-of-community aspect.
I'm talking good ol'fashion dyed in the wool fire and brimstone Catholicism... and all the other christian offshoots.

guns don't kill people.
people kill people...
especially people with a fully automatic, 500 rounds per minute Sturmgewehr 44
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