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mmm clarity:

We stopped Geo's middle-of-the-night bottles doing exactly what I keep trying to do here... but Z has this thing going on inside that is making this hard. I kind of understand that it's a mom thing and when I'm in the hall coaching her to walk away and let me do it... I'm smiling and holding back giggles 'cause she looks so conflicted. Any ways, I'll try again.

The child care:
Z worked as a desk-top publisher - basically a "Documents R Us" for the this local company (actually it's a 'community resource centre') before babies. A few months ago she started doing contract work for them - 1 day a week in their office and "work as much as you like" at home. This was nice but she'd work too dam much at night... alas, her issue. Then nirvana. Her sis, (three kids all in school now) lets on that she really wants to quit working as an admin person at the law firm she works at (super negative job - divorce lawyer) at the same time as the 'resource center' tell Z that they want her to work full time in the office. So, she and her sis are now Job Sharing. Sis gets 3 days, and Z gets 2. It starts next week. Yesterday, I nailed down the required child care. Up till now, it's always been my mom or Z's mom taking care of the kiddos when Z worked.

The journal:
I really want Z to start a journal and I keep asking her about it. We'll see.

The Business trip:
The pain there is not over. Torture can be subtle. Women are masters of subtlety.

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