Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I'm not beautiful like you,
I'm beautiful like me.

(tara slone)

There are a million stories in the big city... and several hundred in my journal.
The thing that keeps me coming back... the motivation is tied up in the amazing capacity of the human spirit.
There is no end to the candy that lj offers up as snack food to the hungry journaler...
but get past the candy... and into the land of the real people that take us on a journey into their world.
It is there that I find much inspiration and motivation.
Nikki... wolfiegirl
You are amazing... not only for what you have achieved... but for the way you have done it
and the way that you have opened the door to your world and shared the experience.
May 7 is going into my calendar as The GardenGirl Day. Congratulations.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers... again...
~ p-z long sleeve
~ bluenotes sweater.
~ half day on a document rewrite... getting ready for a friday presentation
~ dude... it's thursday!!! Survivor (almost done) is on tonight.
~ need to think about what to do for my mom... you know... sunday.
~ a quick happy birthday to someone that will never see this... :D all the same... Happy Day to Bill the hi1ander
~ that ginger_g and stephaniekaye would have a long threaded conversation in a public post... just so everyone could be confused by their icons.
~ for a day crafted by the hands of angels would settle over my my friend arlyn... and maybe just hug her a bit. hmmm... :D
~ that Heidi... the toothy metaphore for every girl hated in highschool... (I mean, she could have had a role in Carrie!!) gets her skanky ass tossed out of the Amazon.

So are you a West Wing fan... Is there's a West Wing community in lj?? Last nights show was just fucking unbelievable... Z litterally gasped when the credits jumped to the screen. Molly!!!- the disposable agent (almost like a disposable extra on the original star trek) - my heart was pumping like a crack-head when I saw the bullet hole in Molly's head. But go back... just about 10 minutes in the show... Mary Louise Parker... (I can't remember her characters name) talking to Donna... "Are you in love with him?" I was holding my breath through that whole exchange... from the second Donna got into it with "you have to GET josh"... I could feel that coming.
Oh... and is there anyone who does not completely and totally hate that little fuckfacefrechprincebastard yet? wow. wow WOW!
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