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morn'en... :D

Dude!!!! You gotta find yerself a copy of this song... in fact... Kym should play it for the lucky Charlottesvillians (funny how "villian" fits into that) at 3WV today...

It's a chilli day in the neighborhood yo... not fair... after so much sun and fun last weekend. But if mother nature... the horrid crack head that she has become, is willing to burn off the cold days during the work week... I guess I shouldn't argue.

My poor little Geo is sooo not a morning person.... He's all snuggled on our bed and gets to snooze through three snooze buttons, then snuggle, wrapped in my house coat, on the floor of the bathroom while I shower... then back to snuggle mom while I shave and stuff... then ... then when I try to drag him out of bed to get dressed... he's totally angry... no, like angy as if I'm doing this evil thing to him... hahaha... it's hard not to laugh as I see myself in him. :D

~ gray ftls.
~ dk blue dockers...
~ black t with a blue silk shirt... no colar... kinda lovin this shirt lately.
~ continue banging my head against a large pile of paper, slapping my keyboard and hoping that the result will be a fairly significant document on the requirements of a project...
~ go the companies downtown office at 11:30 for a two hour lunch & seminar thing...
~ Wednesday night... NEW WEST WING... word!!! You listening?
~ visit my brother tonight... fix a geek problem...
~ to just send a little r.i.p for chewy to my friend snwbrdette.
~ to quote a friend... starliteangel1 her words.. "sometimes i just want to come through the monitor and give my friends a hug. one in particular now.." and say, yeah... I feel that way too...
~ that today is, in every way possible, a fantastic day for chrissmari... she's beautiful... in the right ways.

I think I'm going to have a Radeon Smashing Party... you know... when you take a pathetic, sickening excuse for a video card out on the street and slam it with a hammer until it returns to the earth...

Ok... today seriously needs to get under way.

ps. Has anyone told you they love you lately? You really are remarkable... all of you... I love you.
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