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After dinner last night... we piled into the car and zoooomed over to the kids school for the "Art Show" and "book fair".

Book fair. Scholastic runs these book fair deals for the school library... you can buy these kids books for about $0.50 more than the cover price, but no-tax!! and the profits go to the school library. So we give the kids some cash and let them pick books... of course, I stand over geo and keep him from buying goofy useless books and get him over to something worth reading at bedtime. We picked out "Atrimas Fowl" (looks like a cool bedtime book...

The art show was pretty cool... The school gym was transformed into this showcase were a piece of are from every student in the school was on display... there's over 600 kids there.
These were kinda cool... half a photograph of the child... then let the child draw the other half.

[ :: click the pics for the full image ::]

Of course, this photo/drawing concept makes for a little insight into the childs self-image...
You be the judge... (not my kid yo!)

This was George's contribution to the show...

And Edward's...

Gotta love the duck... :D

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