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It's a gray... rainy and cold day... excellent psycho kill'en weather... not sure why I think that but gah... everyone walking towards you in this weather looks like a candidate for a "Silence of..." movie... it's an icky day... I want sunshine, blue sky, and a light breeze... right now!!!
Oh, and that's george practicing yo-yo'ing in the background. :D

Please say hello to Mariana... this little angel is ly's brand new little baby girl.
She is going to have such a supportive and loving family ... it just warms my heart to think about this little girl's furture.

[ :: click her picture for a bigger version ::]

~ gray haines bbs
~ dk blue dockers
~ black t and a dark gray silk shirt... has a colar (making boss happy)
~ to finish this post and vanish into being goofy busy for the day...
~ oh, and to (hopefully) hear from the honda dealer that my car is ready... having more work done today...
~ and tonight is SURVIVOR!!! (note: Bush talks, Survivor may get pushed around... careful with your vcr)
~ that I had a better breakfast than a snickers bar. (hungry)
~ my little Edward was more keen on having his picture taken... he is so damn cute it makes me dizzy.
~ this thumbnail was taken at the book fair yesterday... click it for a bigger picture of the little guy.

Some of my friends may remember the story of the back door neighbors... the hedge... the infamous moments of hedge trimming and all that jazz. This is a public post so I'll limit the invective I resort to, but these guys (the bd neighbors) are just a fucking pain in the ass couple of dick smacks. They put up mosquito breeding, butt ugly cedar hedges across the line of where our backyard joins theirs... Their yard is sort of on an angle to ours... and directly behind us WAS a beautiful view of a golf course. Now it's hedges. The dumb part is ... we still have the view because the hedges will have to be 18 feet tall to block the view from IN our house. It's when you're in the back yard, on the grass, that the view is obstructed. So we built a [:: honking big deck... ::] from which... the view is not obstructed.
Any ways... goofy neighbors... who's big complaint to us was that we didn't bother to "talk" to them about stuff...
Well, they didn't bother to talk to us and went ahead and contracted to build a fence... Not a nice Cast Iron Black fence... like the other fences around us... like we would have shared the expense of installing... no... a pathetic snow fence / chain link fence. You can see the frame for their fence on the left and an existing cast iron fence on the right in this picture.

Now, never one to take things lying down, a girl I know... lives with me... (but I'm not naming nameZZZ) has done the necessary research and made the necessary calls... Seems they were supposed to build that fence on the OTHER side of the cedars... and when the bylaw people deliver the note... they're gonna have to take it down... and do it again. Note: the only purpose this fence serves is to keep our kids from passing through the very back corner of their yard... in an overgrown area... as they walk to a communal "rough" area of trees or the golf course.

Ok... my story's done. :D Back to your regularly scheduled friends pages. :D

Gotta split... see ya.
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