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Happy Birthday Mel!

I just wanted to pop a couple of mel-wishes in... before I get so busy I forget...

Happy Birthday Mel... (dreamy_thoughts) "Dreamy" is a good name for you sugar, but that's mostly 'cause you such a cutie... :D I do hope you have a wonderful year and that love keeps bringing you memories worthy of places in your heart. This will be a big year for you... and I hope I am fortunate enough to be around to share it with you.


Happy Birthday to the Uber Writer Girl khisanth...who just happens to be a Melody (hence another "mel" - see above) may you find yourself absolutely drowning in the love of your many friends sugar. You have been a wonderfully giving friend and I do appreciate the time you take to journal and share your world. I hope this year gives you relief from the the small things that intrude on your happiness and comfort... and that you get tortured just the way you like it... :D

Love and kisses to a couple of great friends. :D
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