Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

It's birthday time...

ack I hate missing bdays but that's the way it goes...

pay attention to life for a few days and bang! you all have birthdays.
Rather inconsiderate of you I must say...
if you're going to have birthdays...
please try to have them when I've plenty of spare time.


Happy Birthday
The really late zone....

April 21: nextproblem So I'm just about a week late here... but Happy Birthday just the same Emily. I do hope this year brings you a chance to sort the shit from the shine and get all the control you deserve. I know you've had a hulluva trying year... I'm thinking this year is going to rock and compared to last year, it just wont be that hard to do just that. It remains a great pleasure to my memory that we have had the chance to share a coffee... and that I got to meet your little sweety. I look forward to the next time we can get hopped up on Starbucks together. :D

April 23: mrssuperbad Yo Carrie... enough of that sars talk... get better and have a birthday already... oh wait... you already did the birthday... well, Happy Birthday and I still want you to get better. You live in a remarkably beautiful part of the world... and I'm certain you only add to it's beauty... so my b-day wish is that you find the chances this year to venture out and spread a little of yourself around and get back all the love of friends that you can find time and energy for.

And sheesh... yesterday!

April 27: razzberee Holy snazzy razzy girl... a birthday just sneaks past on the weekend. Happy Birthday Marie-barrie. I hope - for my sake - that you find the time and energy to continue being the wonderful journal friend that you are to so many of our mutual friends. You are a remarkable woman and when you get goofy... everybody smiles... and that is the very best medicine. I hope you find yourself looking back on a year of great joy as the calendar rips away pieces of this year and makes them pieces of your memory.

April 27: adrienned A girl much absent... prol'y wont see this... but that's ok... I know you have spent the last year basically ripping off the covers of your world and remaking your bed with a whole new deal... No matter what happens, I do very much hope for you to have unbridled happiness in your world. You are like a shooting star that ripped through my sky bringing a chorus of ooooooohhhhhhs and awwwwwww's and then almost vanished... but I know you haven't burned out... just sorta relocated and rebuilding. I hope this year brings you ever closer to the happiness and opportunity that you so richly deserve.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Emily, Carrie, Marie and Adds.... Happy Birthday to all-y-all

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