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SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH.... er.. yeah, that was the sound of my tires in serious four-wheel lock up going from 120 km/h to about 10 in 3 seconds... geezus mutha... I had the flash of fuck, this is it..... A guy... who must have only just come back from the clinic where they open up yer head, scoop out your brain and replace it with spring-collected-cat-shit, decided that stopping would be a great idea. Queensway traffic all clipping along nicely in the last 20% of the drive to work this morning... fast / passing lane... clear road ahead of him... and bang... stops... then goes again... but gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... My heart kind rammed itself straight up my through my neck and into my forehead there for a minute.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers.
~ short sleeve colared shirt and it's bugg'en me (btw)
~ v-neck sweater.
~ meet with boss and work out a presentation I have to give tomorrow. gahh....
~ spend a bunch of time pouring over an alert log trying to find inconsistent data... (fun eh!)
~ work on my mom's web site tonight.
~ sort out a web hosting solution for a friend tonight... really needs doing. (hi tim)
~ to get caught up on some birthday wishes...
~ I had a little red button on the stick shift in my car... so I could have pressed it to launch a sidewinder missle at the fucknut that almost killed me on the way to work.
~ to congratulate my treasured friend in far away Mexico... (ly). Lydia is now the very proud mommy of a sweet little bundle named Mariana. She was born on Saturday and is quite tiny... a 5 lb 3 oz baby girl with mommy's curly hair. The very moment I can get my hands on a picture... I'm reposting it here. :D
~ for a little peace to snuggle up to my friend abbybaby... she could sure use a few good words... (hint)
~ do you know dallandra... she's a ball of wonderful if there ever was such a thing... :D
~ oh and Veeta dawling... (queenveets)... would you, um... you know... clean up a bit around there... ;) (giggle)

In other exciting news... the backdoor neighbors... the dude with the cedar hedges that are now the stuff of freaking legend in our lives... is building a fence... no idea what kind but first it was the "view destroying hedge" and now he's putting up a fucking fence... They have a garden shed (seriously big thing) in the back corner of their lot... behind that is total jungle that extends into the "rough" of the golf course behind our house. (His house is kinda on an angle to our backyard). The "jungle behind his shed" is a the total zone for the kids to play in... invisiable from his house... visable from our house and buckets of fun for the kids... 80% of it is in golf course "rough" that nobody really owns etc. Now it's gonna have a fence through it. I have to work on keeping z from cutting the top off their fence.... (snicker... and I'm prol'y dead for that last crack... hahaha)

Ok... time to work. :D
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