Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

bombs away...

So... um... well... as they say... "the best laid plans..."

[ click the pics for the bigger picture... ]

That be the kite... in all her momentary glory.

There was a bit of a blow going on out there... so I gathered up the kids, camera and m'darl'en z and headed out to a soccer field. (damnable golfers have reclaimed their golf course).

The kite... I'm calling it The Hindenburg... had a maiden voyage of about 18 feet straight up...

... and then straight down in a massive, accelerating dive.

So I'm thinking I need to rework the nature of the stuff that fills in the spaces in the frame. Tissue paper just can not take the sudden changes of heart that beset a kite of such epic proportions.


It was fun while it lasted... and her next voyage will be... er... at an as yet unspecified time.
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