Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Well it's that time again: Survivor II is comming. My paper had a picture of the cast on the front frick'en page. Better yet, there are bio's on all of them! I've noticed some of the info on but I've basically been waiting for the official release... Lets try and guess who will win, mmmm?

There are two tribes Kucha and Ogakor. And I have got to say they look like they are going to provide much for the dis love'en folks like me.

The Ku's
Nick - 23 - sorry but first sense is that he's a pretentious pain.
Jeff - 34 - a great bit goofy richard hatch (winner of S1) wanna-be.
Mike - 38 - the balding dad dude that talks all nasty.
Kimmi - 28 - sorry here also, but the name says it all. Oh, and she's a bartenderette.
Roger - 53 - old guy that gets tossed by the first time out.
Alicia - 32 - She's a nut bar personal trainer.
Debb - 45 - wanted to be a man.
Elisabeth - 8 - No wait, actually she's 23, she's going to call everyone "coconuts" and be happy all the time.

The Og's
Amber - 22 - Amber is the number one name of strippers across NA.
Amber has that 'driven snow' look, so if she's a tramp it doesn't show.
She's the Elisabeth of the Og's.
Maralyn - 51 - ex cop! tough, she's still gonna get slashed. (She calls herself a bitch!!!!)
Mitch - 23 - does anybody remember 'beaver'? as in "leave it to..."
Tina - 40 - Wow. They included Mrs. Brady!
Colby - 26 - will win or cry a whole lot when he doesn't.
Jerry - 30 - This gurl will be seriously repressed on this tribe... you wait and see.
Keith - 40 - The guy that makes Colby do all that crying.
Kel - 32 - be afraid. be very very afraid. seriously.
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