Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

"Screems like a woman!" The call just before they go down the hill on the two person sled... this from my 5 year old son!!! So his mom asks him - when we bring it up at dinner - "Well what does a woman sound like?" So he feigns this highish pitch yell... "And what does a man sound like?" And this time his feigns a lower pitch...
.. and on that topic... corto discovered he has the uncanny ability to scream like a woman! When returning Georges friend to his rightfull owner - and replacing the little guys sled in his garage, corto managed to squish a couple of finger tips in the fold of a closing garage door... OMG the nails are already blackening... was I hollering?? Oh baby, they could hear me in Upper Mongolia and East Yemen.

Yes this was just scads and scads of fun... fun fun fun fun!
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