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Hi again... still happy (no I'm not on drugs - yet)
Had my first significant confrontation with the rep of a big co that the co I work for is subbing - this means - in case you give a rats $#s - I work for A and A gets a contract from B to deliver services to C. So, from my point of view I work for B but from my teams point of view, they're doing stuff for C.
Anyways I had an 'issue' - very pc term there - with B (in front of C) and I won the argument hands down... Now seeing as the B dude is a 'major account rep' he is basically just left of the Horned-one and cannot - should not - ever be trusted. We'll see how he spins my win into him looking good... la dee da... I just dont care...

My world of friends grew a bit ... I like that.
I'm getting a little jazzed 'bout Survivour finally tomorrow night! When you look at a picture of all the 'survivours' and the little x's through their faces... well its been a long ride! Come on Kelly!
c ya

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