Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


well... done for now.

There's still two panels to put on... the lowever outside "fins".

It's all tissue paper... all tight except on the fins... so they take on a bit of a concave shape.
I have some doubts as the "flyability" factor but I've watched the guy that explained this too me fly many a'box kite so... fingers crossed.

oh, and I have an icepack on my left foot... no idea how or what but I did something* to inside-curve of my ankle.

Back to work tomorrow... and I'll be waiting for a dry... windy day!! (hopefully before the golf season starts at the golf course behind us... Great place to fly kites!!

* "something" in this case is a really owwwww kind of something.

See ya.

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