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yeah so... a long day... I'm getting to exercise my "range" today... from a purely emotional sense of the term.

I often wonder about things that ...
if I think too hard...
would leave me all together messed...
so I don't bother with that think too much stuff.
I don't really own a tierra yo.

Bring it on.

I guess I'd forgot that tonight is the Survivor FAKE episode where they review the season to date ... ah well... I'll still watch it and see if there's any thing of worth ragg'en on there. :D

However... have you been seeing advertisements for Eco Challenge. It's looking like it will be a fantastic voyage. If you don't know about it... find out. It's cool stuff. Mark Brunet... the last name you see in Survivor Credits is the guy behind it... but it's some serious shit.

Time to join the elevendy zillion folks heading West towards the Corel Center... they're going to the game... I'm just going home.

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