Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


and just a few short moments ago, I was all snuggly warm in bed with little human heating pads all over the place...

Ok... it's kinda burrrrr out today but tomorrow is supposed to be... like 24 degrees... (in that's 24 canadian... :D which is plenty plenty warm yo!!) So I'm waiting for tomorrow.

~ gray ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t and a big warm beige p-z turtleneck.
~ to continue absorbing project data regarding my latest "assignment" (lol, sounds like secret agent work... and, chance would have it.. the project has a lot to do with guns... but alas... license to kill.)
~ beaver night...
~ maybe get the hair cut thing done tonight...
~ work on my moms web site (water colour artist thing)
~ get to freaking bed before the wee hours... oh please... if there is a god... tell her to make me go to bed tonight!
~ that frozenone gets that floor in soon... hmmm... nice new carpeting too...
~ as summer creeps toward me... I see my friend ratonil lamenting winters descent upon his world in Chili... So many friends in the southern hemisphere... facing a winter... YEAH WELL... chances of you getting 8 feet of snow are slim to none... I think I'd like to move to Australia... although that would mean being on the same continent as cindy... decisions decisions...
~ to toss my hat in the ring of support for txdevil's grand plan for a three day weekend. :D (Oh, wait... I have a four day weekend coming up!! :D :D :D)
~ to send a little "get well soon" action to my friend haela.
~ that sweet friend, chrissmari does not drop anything today...
~ that my unbelievably precious friend nordicgrrl has a great day today!!!

Hey... Happy Birthday dallandra!!!!! [ :: this is her! :: ] and, although I don't think she loves this picture... I can't help but think it's cute as all get out!!! We met Meaghan last year... we all went to a garbage concert in Toronto.!!! She is just the sweetest thing ever! Happy Birthday sweet Meaghan... I hope you find hats you love, time in the sun, and... most of all... yourself. You're a treasured friend sugar... have a great year.
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