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~ according to the "best practices" doctrines that guide my universe... I hand the receipts for anything important over to Z for filing. The pay off comes on days like today when we decide once and for all that the pot on our KitchenAide coffee maker (a christmas prezzi to ourselves) was buggered. An issue with the seal around the top of the pot (glass meets plastic). So... ask Z for receipt, she produces it, put coffee maker back in original box (yeah, kinda anal about keeping boxes) and take it back to The Bay... and walk out of The Bay with a brand new coffee maker. happy. :D

~ going to taekwando is about the only serious effort at exercise, stretching and "pushing" I do each week. I love it, but I'm still not motivated 'nuf to push much harder. Sunday nights and mondays are marked by all-proud-of-myself pain in so many spots... it's the stretching thing that gets me. You do this one thing... standing beside a wall... you do a sideways leg lift, leaning into it a bit like it was a sideways kick. A partner holds your leg up... and you motion to say "higher... higher... ok good... there..." You hold that for 10 seconds (all counted out in Korean, btw) and then the partner lets go and you have to hold it there for 10 more seconds. Ok... no shit, half my body goes into a freaking spazm over that... ouch. "pretesting" was today... and in three weeks? I'll get tested for the yellow belt... and I have so many friends that are heavy into Mui Thai, kung fu, let alone have kidlettes that are wearing black belts... etc... that I feel kinda sheepish with this yellow deal, but that's ok... It's all new to me. :D

~ I finished another "inter-family-geek-project" today... Took my SIL's older computer off her hands, bought "under $1000" worth of parts (Canadian money here, btw - which she pays me back for) and brought her back a kick ass, screaming, fast-like-dear-with-arrow-in-ass computer. (and a new 17" monitor. Now compared to the P1 with the 14" they had... this was a huge change. All my neices kazaa downloads are in place... as are all the msn-received-files she had tagged as "hidden" (snicker... she was so afraid it would all be zapped). Only the floppy disk migrated from the old computer to the new one. I'm getting a "parts graveyard" again... I think I'll take it all over to a computer store that gives you shylock rates on old equip for store credit and trade it all in for a dvd player... or two.


Hey... Happy Birthday to a couple of wonderful Lj friends...

A big Happy Brithday to my very first Lj friend... ratonil!! Way way down there in Chili... I hope for the very best to find you this year Ivan. May you have endurance for family, opportunity for love and rewards for patience. You are a really remarkable young man and I take great pleasure in knowing you. I look forward to the next time we can have lunch together...

And to Kristine... (flirtini)... a walking California smile... I do so hope you get every chance to flash that smile you can handle this year sugar... Happy Birthday Sweets... have a grand year.


mmmk... time to start getting ready for tomorrow. :D
night night lj.

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