Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok... those are Z's fingers... she'd just woken up and was not gonna let me get her bed-head in the shot... :D

Jenny was sweet, show a smile for the people she meets
I'm trouble, let's drive, I don't know the way you came alive
News is blue (the news is blue), has its own way to get to you
What can I do (what can I do), when I remember my time with you
Sniff n' the tears
(love that song... it's a driving toon)

~ gray haines bbs
~ dk blue dockers
~ black t and a sorta silk shirt
~ to go to a "meet the prez" coffee thing this morning...
edit: just got back from that...
~ team meeting later this morning
~ start my new "role" with a big project this afternoon.
~ I don't think it's a new west wing tonight... (poo!)
~ to look forward to a visit from canuckgirl in May... :D
~ that I get a chance to make a birthday wish or two today...
~ for sweet princessblondie to be gett'en better and better and better....
~ for the patience to let sleeping dogs lie... or was that to let barking dogs bark all they want and not let myself be baited by their neverending shit?

It's a crazy-beautiful day here... just a btw kinda thing. The sun is filling the sky and everything is getting mushy... maybe spring will come back!! :D
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