Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Last night.

So I'm on the phone... talking to my mom.
It's dark... it's quite late... like the middle of the night.
I'm in the kitchen, pacing...
I hear Z and Ed in the living room and when Ed makes a sudden noise
I look over and he's pointing at something making a scary face
Something about water...
Z instantly takes on the panic face
I'm walking towards them...
I'm putting my mom off on the phone..
I'm running...
Z is standing
Ed is screaming...
Water... water... water...
I get to the living room
Everyone is screaming...
I turn towards the direction they are pointing
and as I turn I'm struck with one of those mind-shout things...
Full on... furious... loud...
and then wake up.
Absolutely mortified.
It took a full minute to just stop hyper breathing.

Awsome nightmare. just awsome.
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