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Still stuck in the bright pink zone of feeling great!!! (sucks to be me huh!! LOL)

BB Update!
Painted Ponies
oh boy, I was on the money re: how much fodder they (CBS) had in the bank for last nights show. They made it an hour long episode and I laughed a ton! The whole "internet live feed" versus "edited for television" deal is a blast... the girls of the BB "hell away from home" were absolutely pissed about the bathing suit body painting deal and the boys were fairly aprehensive ('cept ol Eddi who kept talking - yelling! - about how his business would be "hanging out of that speedo". The girls extracted all manner of concessions from BB on the bathing suites - hence they're all wearing shorts (chicken shits... I mean really, look at the situation they're in, revealing all manner of personal crap and they can't handle a little but cheek potential... Besides the obvious 'good' for the TV aspect of that, there is the fact that they were going for BODY PAINTING and the shorts just made the painting look silly.
So it starts...
BB nailed Jamie aka Micheal Jackson, good last night as she began her latest effort to establish an alliance... she gets all deep talk'en to Brattney on the bed in the GR and ends up searching through some books and magazines to secretively point to words on the pages to express herself. BB gets her in the Redrum and the ask her point blank "what words did you point to?"
So, Jamie gets this look on her face that absolutely put me on the floor - I am totally reminded of this time when our long-since-past family dog (Fanny a pure Basenji (sp?)) was caught by my dad and I actaully standing (all - fours) on the kitchen counter, her nose a couple of inches from the Black Forest Birthday Cake that was about to be the object of much singing. The look on the dog will never leave me!!! "Ummmmm, is this single bite gonna be worth what the big guy (dad) is gonna meat out to me seconds later????" P O U N C E ! ! ! Fanny takes one monsterous chomp out of that cake and of course dad belts the dog off the counter. All that took seconds, but here we are with Jamie... "Ummmm do I have to say what the words were?" BB "It is what I asked you" (ed. nicely but firmly) and she sits there for a minute thinking "is it worth whatever punishement they'll deliver to keep this secret?" But then they establish the fact that the not replying would be considered "breaking a rule of the house" which is a cause for immediate expulsion from the house so she fesses up pronto...
The words were "2" and "men" meaning she was trying to get the Brat on side with a voting strategy to ensure that two men are targeted this round.
The Massage:
Eddi is the sumo wrestling champ (and the whole wrestling deal was a scream - Curtis looked like a two year old in that helmet - really funny) and earned the special PRIZE of a massage while wearing a blind fold. The message board flunkies (myself included) were thinking that it was Mega - the "new black panther" dude that was expelled FIRST. On the live feeds you don't get to see the goings on in the Redrum (except on some few occassions) but we could all hear Eddie fighting (verbally) with the masseur "I'll fucking get you, where'd you get your license? in a cracker jack box, if I see you on the street I'll knock your teeth down your throat" etc. etc. all the time (as we finally see on the TV show) with his blindfolded head wedged in the massage table head-hole. The problem? The masseur is Mega and he's beating the crap out of Eddie - FOFLTIP!!!!
Breaking the Seal
The show (on tv) started last night with Brat and Ed talking on the "love bed"... they're studying for the Road Map challenge. The topic is Brat saying that she used to take breaks from studying in school by materbating (in the BB house, they're calling the first person to be caught by the others gett'en themselves off as the person that "breaks the seal") She (Brat the masterbating dynamo) talks about how it is ALL she can think about and that normally she can get by but it's really driving her crazy. She asks Ed if he has and he lies saying that "well, last week I was REALLY thinking about it". The live feed postings recound his agressive under the cover movements a couple of times. THEN LATER in the show they show Brat "TMD" resting on the couch all alone!!! then she goes into this remarkably strange series of stretches and arches that climax (CLIMAX) with her falling asleep al-la silly grin on her face... Now I'm no expert on this issue but it was a very odd and suggestive television moment. I'll check the message boards tonight for some insight into this...
On the Live Feeds last night was a sudden quick challenge where all the HGs had to read anonymous quotes from each other outloud and guess who originally said it. Much fun was had, however, big looser boy had to fess up to saying (and I'm sure the original context would put it in perspective, it's just that on the show its another thing to drive him nuts with) "I'd sooner do a guy than kiss a guy". Geez you should a heard George going after him over that... he even dug himself in deeper later. We'll see how the CBS crack editing team handles that.
Thats it for now...
I'm off to a client site and hope to be back before the end o'the work day...

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