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So yesterday, computer free day... was a great day. The day was like any typical Saturday, except for the endlessly falling snow and ice (APRIL... it's freaking APRIL) but the neighbors boys came over for a few hours and therefore, all the boys stayed in the basement playing leaving us to go about our business. :D

I worked on my BIL's computer in the afternoon with the boys in tow while Z did some antique shopping... taking a camera when you go antiquing is much better than taking a credit card. :) Any ways... I brought my neice home at dinner time and she stayed with the boys while Z and I went out to a fabo dinner (mongolian grill - fill yer bowl with the raw stuff and they stone stir fry it up), coffee at Chapters (think Barns and Nobels w/ starbucks) - hence coffee and a zillion magazines, then to a late showing (10:10 start) of The Hours. Note: Does Nichole Kidman infect your wild sexual fantasies... then don't see this. :) A deep and moving movie but overall, depressing as hell... Then home to return my neice to her house and end up staying up with Z till the very wee hours... which, of course, became ever more "wee" when we realized it was "turn the clocks back time. So I was up at 8:40 this morning... adjusted time, giving me a grand total of??? 4 hours sleep? well, almost 4. It was a grand night.

~ nothing special... er... well, a smile from last night...
~ sweat pants... sweat shirt...
~ to see a man about a horse.
~ taekwando this aft...
~ dig out of all this freaking punk ass snow
~ watch some of the juno awards tonight...
~ kiss Z every time I see her...
~ that the hearts in the family of a dear friend (pixiecup) find room to heal and that their period of grieving brings some comfort. :(
~ I could scroll back to actually see all of yesterday ... let alone read it... :D
~ my friend... reens feels better soon... yer a mommy... no time for being sick! :O
~ I had a new digital camera... we talked about putting that in the budget plan... we really need a new one. Cannon and Sony are in the short list.

Oh, and Edward drew another picture of the [ :: "Moon over Clocktown" :: ]... an image from the N64 game "Zelda Majorahs Mask".

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