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yeah so... that little green guy? he was from a bundle of love received ages ago from a smart and pretty cookie in North Carolina... Thanks again kitiara... oh, and Edward totally trashed the mini slinki yesterday. :D (It lasted a good long time.... )

Work has just been one surprise after another... some of them are making me grin with pure lusty evil... but I'll save that for later. :D

~ a busy smile...
~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers... um... they're like a uniform this week... (note to self: go buy more dockers)
~ gray t hiding under a dk blue turtleneck.
~ well, a two and half hour meeting the second I walk through the door at work.
~ I am meeting Z and Edward at a little restaurant in the downtown market today.... and we're hooking up with catherine, her little baby, her friend, another baby, luker and reens and their baby... I'm way way jazzed about this... and I have my camera. :D
~ it's Survivor night... so of course, I'll be taping... checking that it's taping and then watching the tape... I NEED TIVO
~ to click and print friends pages to read later... I'm just swamped.
~ that I hadn't missed so many birthdays... :D
~ so... Happy Birthday !!
March 29: jacqui A woman with a never ending supply of interesting pictures ... I do very much hope you enjoyed your birthday sweets... and that this year brings you as much contact with a wonderful world of friends as you can handle. :D

March 30: lvglenn Glenn has been a wonderful friend and, along with his main squeeze, is responsible for so many of my Lj smiles... I can only wish that you have a year thick with smiles and love. Happy Birthday brother... and may I be so lucky as to have a chance to make that wish again next year. :D

March 31: ju Happy Birthday Ju... I know it's late but what can I say... :D May you have a year of great successes and opening doors to new roads. You're a patient friend... thank you. :D

April 2: evangelinaarion Happy Brithday little 'Eva. Eva is a sweet and remarkable young woman lost in the universe of a woman with unstoppable creative powers.... I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.... and that you have a year that gives you memories worthy of carrying with you for the rest of your days. :D

Ok... me = totally gotta jet. :D See ya.

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